Умное предложение!!!

Членство в клубе Sovki SPA "Куренёвские бани» - это путь к здоровью, красоте, совершенству, бодрости тела и духа. Для систематического посещения комплекса мы разработали для Вас систему клубных...

Счастливый вторник в Куренёвских банях!!!

Счастливый вторник в Куренёвских банях!!!

Уважаемые клиенты, дорогие наши гости, приглашаем Вас и Ваших друзей на первомайский уикенд в Куреневских банях.

Второго мая в счастливый вторник стоимость посещения 150 гривень.


"Kurenevskie bani" - the city's public baths Kiev

Public bath in Kiev and the idea of their revival, was laid in 2011, developed and implemented by our company.

Complex “Kurenevskie bani”, was created to revive the idea of the culture visiting public baths, once famous, but now almost lost.

Public baths in Kiev got new life with complex "Kurenevskie bani" - the dominant factor, which is a Russian bath - a new stage in the high culture of leisure, combining with classical traditions of soaring in the Russian bath and ultra-modern SPA procedures.

In order to make our complex able be to used by anyone we include a lot of social as including the needs of students, pensioners and people with disabilities. Also we developed a system of preferential subscriptions and program visits, until today, no one didn’t take in consideration these very important factors.

There are so many advertisements in internet about Russian Bath, but basically most part is the baths who are offering a personalized level of service. Public bath in Kiev that have constructed as a modern leisure complex - absorbed best traditions of Russian public baths.

The total area of complex is ​​800 square meters which contains a spacious living room, also called lounge area for 120 seats, equipped with cozy small rooms for 4-6 persons. Interior made ​​in “Victorian style” so idea of a design won’t leave anyone indifferent. During construction were used only exclusively eco-friendly natural materials as wood, stone and ceramics.

"Kurenevskie bani" will impress you with a steam room locating in area of ​​50 sq.m. Stove designed by leading engineers of Russia. Our stove is unique; one and first in Ukraine, total weight is 32 tonnes.  Energy generated by the 7 -ton iron pieces.

Showering zone is the place for washing and in the same time it’s resting and cooling place. In the center there is a tiled stove, which is famous attribute of Russian banya in IX century, surrounded by places for personal hygiene, equipped with copper basins - an essential attribute of authentic Russian bath. Also you will be impressed with «Russian soap place», where best therapist will do a foam massage that will energize you and fill with bright feelings. For lovers of contrasting procedures after the banya there is a   pool with constantly cold water and for relaxing effect we’ve built ultra modern spa pool. All technical equipment ventilation, oxygen enrichment of the wet zone and steam rooms meet modern standard a taking in account current global trends in the SPA- service sphere, what you can’t say about most part of Kiev Russian Banyas.

Also we are inviting to visit our restaurant, whose menu is full of gastronomic dishes and drinks.

“Kurenevskie bani” inviting you feel the atmosphere of a Russian steam bath in Kiev, recreation complex which was opened in 2014.


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